Meet your dedicated Customer Success team

What Clients say about the Customer
Success Team

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Marla Rogers

Customer Success Manager
“Marla has been absolutely incredible and is everything we could ask for in a partner. We love Yembo and we really love Marla.”

Emily Sullivan

Customer Success Manager
“Emily provides such a high level of support I rarely receive from other partners.”

John Tran

Customer Success Manager
“John epitomizes what Customer Success is supposed to look like -- highly professional, supportive, and willing to go the extra mile!”

Bill Slade

Director of Customer Success
“The support from Bill and his team is beyond anything we’ve ever seen!”

Your onboarding perks

Tiana Hayden

Senior Software Engineer
"I joined Yembo because I was blown away by the people, the technology, and the opportunity to revolutionize an industry."

Bryan Ivory

Principal Software Engineer
“I was drawn to Yembo because of the challenging problems and cutting-edge technology, but also the amazing people and culture.”

Noel Kennebeck

Senior Software Engineer
"At Yembo I'm working with and learning from people who are best-in-class in their area. We're tackling problems no one has solved before - every day is a new and exciting challenge!"

Maciej Halber

Principal Computer Vision Engineer
"Yembo is an exciting place to work. It allows me to bring innovation in Computer Vision to re-invent the customer experience in the moving and insurance industries."

Andrew Dodd

Senior Account Executive
"Yembo appealed to me because of our people and technology. Not only is everyone super sharp and fun, but the product is truly amazing. I tried Yembo for myself, and it sealed the deal!"

Marla Rogers

Customer Success Manager
"The AI is unlike anything I’d ever seen! It’s been a dream come true working with customers to revolutionize their businesses with our products. I’m very proud to be part of this team!"

Faisal Qureshi

VP of Marketing
"I couldn't be happier with my decision to join Yembo. We have a truly unique AI technology and product, solving real customer problems, a best-in-class team, and a great culture."

Max Bergen

VP of Sales
"My decision to join Yembo was a no brainer! Yembo’s cutting edge AI and best in class technology has been an amazing opportunity to grow my career faster than anywhere else I had seen."

Personalized, white glove experience

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    Dedicated CSM with an 8-week onboarding plan and weekly check-in calls
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    Weekly "scorecard" report showing progress towards full utilization, with stats per team member to make sure we stay on track
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    Personal 1:1 training session for EVERY single team member

The onboarding process

What You Can Expect

Customer satisfaction on support tickets
1.5 mins
Average response time
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The support from Customer Success is always outstanding. They are super helpful, thorough, and knowledgeable!
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Patrick Gomez
Head of Virtual Operations, Imlach Group