LAST UPDATED: January 11, 2022

Yembo Subprocessor List

Yembo uses certain suppliers to provide services to its customers, listed below:

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Provides infrastructure hosting services for the Yembo platform

Delighted, LLC

Provides customer satisfaction surveys within the Yembo platform

Elastic Inc. by Elastic provides customer relationship management database and telephony services for Yembo Sales and Customer Success teams Inc.

Provides analysis of calls with Yembo customer

Google, LLC

Provides mapping and directions functionality within the Yembo platform

Intercom, Inc.

Provides integrated chat to facilitate support between Yembo support personnel and customers

LogRocket, Inc.

Provides troubleshooting capabilities for Yembo support personnel

Mailgun Technologies, Inc.

Provides email notifications from the Yembo platform

MongoDB Inc.

Provides database hosting services for the Yembo platform

Nylas Inc.

Provides email integration that clients can optionally use within the Yembo platform

Provides link shortening services for invite links

Twilio Inc.

Provides telephony and video chat services for the Yembo platform

Getting notified for updates to the subprocessor list

Yembo will make updates to the subprocessor lists via this website. To be notified via email when Yembo update the subprocessor list, email with subject line "Addition to Subprocessor Notification List". The email address sending the request will be added to the notification list.

To subsequently be removed from the subprocessor notification list, email with subject line "Removal from Subprocessor Notification List".

Objecting to a subprocessor

by submitting your objection by email to with subject line "Subprocessor Objection," along with your name, your company's name, name of the Yembo service, name of the subprocessor, and grounds for objection. In the event that Yembo receives a customer's objection to a subprocessor, Yembo will follow applicable procedures outlined in the agreement between Yembo and the customer that govern customer objections to Yembo's use of subprocessors.