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The power of virtual home surveys

Faster, more accurate surveys. Without a site visit. Try it to believe it.

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Improve survey speed by 3X

Quote 3-5x as many customers in the same time with Yembo's AI-powered surveys

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Higher survey accuracy

Reduce human error and improve survey accuracy by up to 50%

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Increase sales
without adding staff

Yembo AI surveys can be completed by customers on their own, anytime they want

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Better customer

Provide your customers with the fastest, easiest and best virtual survey experience

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Real customers. Real results.

“Yembo is empowering the next generation of movers - helping make old movers relevant again to compete with the bigger movers.”
Dave Cook
Dave Cook
Corporate VP, Alexander's Mobility Services
Alexander's Moving Services Trucks
yearly surveys using Yembo
better survey accuracy
increase in sales bookings
"By using the Yembo software, we have doubled our efficiency and increased our accuracy with estimates."
Kirsten Wilson
Regional Sales Director
accuracy on surveys conducted
increase in booking rate
reduction in time to survey
“Our engagement with Yembo has dramatically reduced the length of our sales cycle and has moved us from reactive to proactive.”
John Smith from JK Moving
David Cox
EVP, JK Moving Services
JK Moving truck
surveys booked with Yembo
accuracy of surveys
growth in revenue
"Yembo is to movers what the Swiss Army Knife is to the Boy Scout - a tool that improves, enhances, and streamlines your everyday tasks."
Patrick Gomez
Head of Virtual Operations, Imlach Group
Alexander's Moving Services Trucks
increase in survey capacity
increase survey accuracy
avg rating from customers
“We are big fans of Yembo. I’ve been waiting for a platform like this for 10 years.”
dave cook alexander's
Brian Henry
President, Park Moving
Alexander's Moving Services Truck
more volume of surveys
less time spent per survey
accuracy on surveys

Trusted by industry leaders and associations

The Leader For A Reason

Objects identified by Yembo's AI
The Global Leader In AI-powered Object Recognition

How Yembo’s AI works

Powerful AI technology. Simple user experience.


Customer records videos

Customer records and submits short videos or photos using their smartphone - no app required.


AI provides instant insights

Yembo’s AI automatically detects objects, creates a visual inventory, cube sheet, and much more!

Surveys for every situation

Guided surveys, self-surveys, and onsite surveys

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please make sure the room has decent lightingthanks! seems to have captured everything

Guided Virtual Surveys

When you want to guide the customer through the survey process

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Virtual Self-Surveys

When the customer wants to record survey on their own time

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Onsite Surveys

When you need to go into the home for an onsite survey

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AI surveys + fully integrated software

Yembo combines world-class AI with fully integrated software, to enable complete digital workflow transformation for moving companies worldwide

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Consumers record quick videos from their phone

Entirely rowser-based.
No app download required

woman holding a phone with a picture of a chair

Entirely rowser-based.
No app download required

Any questions? Chat via text
or a follow up video call any time

woman holding a phone with a picture of a chair

Any questions? Chat via textor a follow up video call any time

No delays — go from lead to booked in as little as 18 minutes (true story)

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Faster booking

Yembo Estimates auto-calculates most of the quote for you based on the Yembo survey. Clients typically quote and book 3-5x faster with Estimates

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Custom Tariffs

Our robust tariff builder lets you customize pricing rules based on all the factors you need to tweak — available for local, intrastate, interstate, and international

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Multiple quotes

Duplicate an estimate and adjust the quote (add full pack, remove storage) in seconds, making it easier to offer multiple quote options to the same customer

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Integrated E-Sign

You don't need another vendor for document signing — it's within Yembo and works on any device

Provide the most accurate estimates and build trust with customers

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    Book more jobs by generating estimates faster
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    Build estimates that are organized and accurate
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    Customers accept quotes digitally
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Supercharge your survey process.

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