AI-powered virtual
claims adjustment

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How do we solve the claims challenge?

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    Reduce cycle times
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    Improve accuracy and decrease supplements
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    Optimize loss severity and expense costs
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    Provide a great homeowner experience
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    Receive a visual inventory of home contents

Faster, better claims adjustment

Better for policyholders and carriers

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AI-powered virtual claims adjustment. Homeowner driven digital experience.

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Better data, for better decisions and better claims outcomes

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Accelerate claims settlement while reducing LAE

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$60B of insurance claims result from unknown interior issues
Source: CoreLogic

Yembo AI for claims adjustment

Powerful technology. Simple user experience.


Homeowners submit videos of their claim

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Homeowners submit short videos or photos using their smartphone.  It's fast and easy.

AI recreates the room in 3D and provides instant insights

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AI provides desk adjusters with immediate insights on claims, with a fully digital path to resolution
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AI-powered virtual claims adjustment

Homeowners simply record short videos or photos of interior and exterior from their smartphone

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Faster settlement. Lower cost

Policyholders get a streamlined digital claims process from FNOL to claims settlement. While carriers reduce LAE

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Better data, with 3D visualization

Highly accurate 3D models with real-time measurements and insights available to desk adjusters

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Better homeowner

Faster, better experience for policyholders without the intrusion of an on-site inspector or contractor

The Yembo AI Advantage

For Claims Adjustment
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Fully virtual claims adjustment
Improve claims accuracy
Accelerate claims settlement
Better customer experience
Reduce costs and LAE
Digital workflow transformation

See it to believe it.

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